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KidStrong Door System

The KidStrong Door System is your child's ticket to safe, exciting, and empowering fitness adventures. This home workout setup perfectly blends the fun of play with the science-based KidStrong curriculum, nurturing your child's strength, power, coordination, and endurance, while placing safety as a top priority.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

  • "As a coach, I always recommend the KidStrong Door System. It's perfect for energetic kids who love hanging from trees or doing back flips, as well as those struggling with fine motor skills like fastening zippers or using scissors. This versatile system channels their energy into productive fitness and helps improve their strength and coordination. Encourage your child to use it regularly; it's a fun, safe way to develop their abilities and help them become the strongest kid on the playground. Plus, it boosts their confidence to tackle challenging tasks independently. The KidStrong Door System is a game changer!"

    - Coach Luke

    This product helps kids with...

    • Strengthening
    • Energy Burning
    • Confidence
    • Self Regulation
    • Coordination
    • Stability for Fine Motor Skills

    Coach's Challenge

    • Each time you walk through your door challenge yourself to: 
      • Complete 3 pull ups
      • Swing through or flip over the bar
    • Complete as many pull ups as you can before bed
    • See how many pages or lines of a bedtime story you can get through while hanging (right side up or upside down!) 
  • KidStrong Equipment is developed or selected with an intentional focus on accelerating achievement of character, physical, and brain developmental milestones. This apparatus enables acceleration in:

    Character Development:

    • Independence
    • Growth Mindset

    Physical Development:

    • Strength & Power
    • Coordination

    Brain Development:

    • Life Skills
    • Focus
  • Specifications

    • Fits door frames between 20" - 36" wide
    • Allows doors to open & close while installed
    • Weight limit - 150 lbs

    Included Attachments

    • Pull-up bar
    • Adjustable swing bar
    • KidStrong Rope Attachment


    WARNING: TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH, read, understand and follow all instructions and warnings.

    • For use by children 3+ yrs. with adult supervision at all times.
    • Strangulation, Entanglement, and Entrapment Hazard.  Before using, secure long hair, remove drawstrings, jewelry, loose clothing and any object that can catch around neck or other body part.
    • For use by one child at a time.  Weight limit is 150 lbs.  Do NOT permit use if damaged, unstable, or if there are loose or missing parts.
    • As with all physical activity, follow advice of child's medical professional.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Solid Addition

Solid addition to the house for the kids.

Added pull-ups and rope climb to the morning routine.

A worthwhile investment for those looking to give their kids an opportunity to flex their muscles.

Kids absolutely love it

My girls cannot stop climbing and doing flips on the rope or rings. From the day I installed it, they have not stopped climbing. Love the versatility and options that were available. Should make a single package that would make all parts all inclusive or a build your own package deal.

Samantha Sperli
Our son loves it!

Makes working out and building muscle so much fun! We attached it to one the bedroom doors inside our house. Our son is five and loves using the rings to do flips, the bar to do pull ups, and the rope to climb then swing like Tarzan. Thank you KidStrong! We love our purchase.

New Favorite!

Climbing rope is my kiddo's absolute favorite. The look of pride on her face when she gets to the top gives me all the feels!