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Fitness Mat (Small)

High-quality, foldable 2" thick mats come in 3 sizes and create a safe, comfortable area for athletes to perform a variety of coordination, strength & power, and endurance exercises.

The "small" mat is 2' wide and 6' long and is perfect for smaller spaces!

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  • "These high-quality mats are super flexible and create a safe space for children to tackle KidStrong homework assignments!"

    --Coach Lucy

  • KidStrong Equipment is developed or selected with an intentional focus on accelerating achievement of character, physical, and brain developmental milestones. This apparatus enables acceleration in:

    Character Development:

    1. Growth Mindset

    Physical Development:

    1. Strength
    2. Coordination
    3. Conditioning

    Brain Development:

    1. Life Skills
    2. Focus
  • KidStrong Equipment enables athletes to compete at home with apparatus' that are suitable for the residential space:

    1. Product Dimensions: 36” x 24” x 2"
    2. Product Weight: 6 lbs


    CAUTION: To AVOID INJURY, read, understand, and follow all instructions and warnings:

    • For use by children 3+ yrs. with adult supervision at all times.
    • Use on floor only.  Do not use on stairs or elevated surfaces.
    • Before each use, inspect for secure and proper functioning. Do NOT permit use if damaged, unstable, or if there are loose or missing parts.
    • As with all physical activity, follow advice of child's medical professional.