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Slam Ball

This classic slam ball provides limitless opportunity to improve strength, conditioning, and confidence.  Favorites in KidStrong training centers, these high-quality slam balls are now available in a variety of weights for heroes to use at home!
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  • "These Slam balls are the BOMB! Helping heroes to build upper and lower body strength, coordination, and endurance with a functional fitness apparatus. Prepares your kids to be strong at life (think unloading Mom's groceries from the car!)"

    --Coach D

  • KidStrong Equipment is developed or selected with an intentional focus on accelerating achievement of character, physical, and brain developmental milestones. This apparatus enables acceleration in:

    Character Development:

    • Growth Mindset

    Physical Development:

    • Strength
    • Coordination
    • Endurance

    Brain Development:

    • Life Skills
  • KidStrong Equipment enables athletes to compete at home with apparatus' that are suitable for the residential space:

    • Product Dimensions:  9” Diameter
    • Product Weight:  7, 11, 21 lbs


    CAUTION: To AVOID INJURY, read, understand, and follow all instructions and warnings:

    • For use with adult supervision at all times.
    • Use only while standing on floor or flat surfaces.  Do not use on stairs or elevated surfaces.
    • Before each use, inspect for secure and proper functioning. Do NOT permit use if damaged, unstable, or if there are loose or missing parts.
    • As with all physical activity, follow advice of child's medical professional.