Bed System

Made in the U.S.A.

Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System


Bed System

Made in the U.S.A.

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The KidStrong Bed System (patent pending) is a game-changer in kids' developmental play. Made to order, this loft-style bed features...
The KidStrong Bed System (patent pending) is a game-changer in kids' developmental play. Made to order, this loft-style bed features a rock wall, pull-up bar, ladders, slide, and play/storage space underneath. Expandable, it can integrate a climbing rope, gymnastics rings, and so much more. Perfect for boosting physical, brain, and character growth in a fun, safe environment.
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Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System
Bed System

Modular Design

The modular design of the KidStrong Bed System's components allows you to easily customize it to your unique space no matter how your kid's room is setup.

Easy to Install

Wooden Slide

What could possibly be better than a slide attached to your loft bed? Not only does the Bed System come with a slide, it is extremely easy to install at either side of the bed and can be removed and stored underneath at anytime to keep the room clear.


Rock Wall Panels

The KidStrong Bed features two rock wall panels that are completely customizable so your kid will never get bored! Once they've mastered one setup, simply change it up and challenge them to increase their reach and grip strength.


Pull-Up Bar

The Bed System comes complete with an adjustable pull-up bar that can be mounted at 4 different heights. Plus, unlock even more fun with KidStrong Door/Bed System accessories like the Swissies, Gymnastics Rings, Climbing Rope, and more (sold separately).

Under Bed

Storage & Play Area

The KidStrong Bed System features ample storage/play space underneath the loft bed (39.3" W, 28" H, 81" L) with easy access at the footboard and headboard. Let your kid get creative and create their own fort, plus store other KidStrong equipment and gear out of the way with ease!


The KidStrong Bed System comes equipped with a limited 2-year manufacturer's warranty that protects it from manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover accidental damage or normal wear and tear.

Easy Assembly

The KidStrong Bed System includes easy to follow instructions that will have your kids playing in under an hour. Be sure to follow the included instructions. The high quality steel and birch plywood panels require two people for assembly.


The activities and programming that KidStrong provides along with the Bed System support your kid's in center coaching, are science-based and have been developed by a team of experts and doctors in various fields.

"This bed system is a fantastic solution for energetic kids who crave physical challenges. It's also excellent for kids working on enhancing their motor skills and coordination. With activities like climbing and swinging, the KidStrong Bed System promotes muscle strengthening, balance improvement, and is a fun way to dispense energy before bed."

- Coach Taylor

This product assists kids with...

  • Enhancing Physical Strength
  • Channeling Excess Energy
  • Building Confidence
  • Promoting Self-Regulation
  • Improving Coordination
  • Developing Stability and Fine Motor Skills

Coach's Challenge

Each night, before your kid heads to bed, encourage them to conquer the rock wall or surpass their pull-up record. Transform bedtime into an exciting and productive experience with the KidStrong Bed System. It's not just a bed; it's a launchpad for your kid to become the most daring and self-assured kid on the block!"



  • Never allow a child under the age of 3 on the bed
  • Use only a standard twin size mattress that is 75 inches long and 38 inches wide
  • Ensure thickness of mattress and foundation combined does not exceed 6 inches and that the mattress surface is at least 5 inches below upper edge of guardrails
  • Prohibit horseplay on or under bed(s)
  • Prohibit more than one person on the bed
  • Use ladder for entering the bed

STRANGULATION HAZARD -  Never attach or hang items to any part of the bed that are not designed for use with the bed; for example, but not limited to, hooks, belts, and jump ropes.

  • Mattress Type: Standard Twin (Not Included)
  • Bed Dimensions (with all included attachments): 85.8" W x 50.2" H x 99.5" D
  • Bed Dimensions (with no slide or pull-up bar): 39.3" W x 50.2" H x 81" D
  • Pull-Up Bar Dimensions: 38.5" W x 14.5" H x 18.5" D
  • Wooden Slide Dimensions: 14.5" W x 5.25" H x 60" D
  • 4 x Support Beams (72.5" D)
  • 4 x Bed Posts (52" H)
  • 2 x Support Straps
  • 2 x Ladders
  • 2 x Rock Wall Panels
  • 12 x Rock Wall Climbing Holds
  • 1 x Head Board
  • 1 x Foot Board
  • 1 x Slide
  • 1 x Pull-Up Bar
  • 1 x Side Railing
  • 1 x Climbing Support Panel
  • 1 x IKEA Luroy Bed Slats
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Hardware Pack


What age range is the KidStrong Bed System intended for?
The recommended age range for the KidStrong Bed System is currently 3 to 6, however, the Bed System is a standard twin sized bed, NOT a toddler bed and the bed itself can support up to 300 pounds easily. We hope to add extension/expansion pieces in the near future to make the system ideal for older kids too.

Can parents use the KidStrong Bed System too?
While the bed itself could certainly support the weight of a parent, we do not recommend that parents climb or hang from the various apparatus components of the Bed System as their weight limit is much lower.

Is the KidStrong Bed System safe for my kid(s)?
When used properly, the KidStrong Bed System is completely safe. That said, every parent must make the determination if their specific kid is ready for responsibility that comes with having this type of bed/system in their own room.

Is it a bunk bed?
No, putting the mattress at just under 30" off the ground, the KidStrong Bed System is not technically, nor legally classified as a "bunk bed." Despite this fact, the Shop KidStrong team has worked diligently to make sure it meets bunk bed safety requirements.

Does the KidStrong Bed System include accessories?
The KidStrong Bed System comes with a slide, rock climbing walls, ladders, and a pull-up bar. Additional accessories for the pull-up bar can be purchased separately and we hope to add additional expansion pieces for older kids in the near future.

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes! We offer free shipping to anyone who purchases the KidStrong Bed System within the contiguous United States (the 48 physically connected states).

Will the KidStrong Bed System be available for sale internationally?
That is our intent. Stay tuned for more information.

If I don't like the Bed System, can I return it?
You may return the Bed System within 30 days of the delivery date if you are not completely satisfied with it. You must pay the cost of shipping the Bed System back to KidStrong, but KidStrong will refund the money you originally paid for it.

I noticed a defect in my Bed System after I started using it, can I receive a replacement?
KidStrong stands behind its products and will pay (including shipping costs) to replace any parts or full systems that have known product defects. Please note that this does not include normal wear and tear or damage to the product as a result of misuse.

What if I noticed that the product was damaged during delivery?
If your KidStrong Bed System is damaged upon delivery, you must document this by sending pictures of the damage to immediately. If we receive documentation within 3 business days of the delivery date, Shop KidStrong will file a claim with the shipping carrier and pay to have the damaged components of the Bed System replaced at no cost to you.