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Top bar slides of position with minimal effort.

Kids cannot use the system.

Expensive paperweight at this point.

Girls Rock shirts

My girls love them. Perfect purple

Great stuff!

Great to grow into


My son loves his new hooded sweatshirt.


I was wondering if I could order an adult T-SHIRT in 2XL that has the
on the back of the T-SHIRT currently you don't offer this shirt for adults

KidStrong T-Shirt
Kristen Cerreta

KidStrong T-Shirt

Kids absolutely love it

My girls cannot stop climbing and doing flips on the rope or rings. From the day I installed it, they have not stopped climbing. Love the versatility and options that were available. Should make a single package that would make all parts all inclusive or a build your own package deal.

KidStrong Door System
Samantha Sperli
Our son loves it!

Makes working out and building muscle so much fun! We attached it to one the bedroom doors inside our house. Our son is five and loves using the rings to do flips, the bar to do pull ups, and the rope to climb then swing like Tarzan. Thank you KidStrong! We love our purchase.

KidStrong Parallette
Stefanie Forman

Kids love being able to practice at home!

KidFinder Tee (Toddler)
Tyler Albertson
Great product

The shirt is great
Fits her well and let's her stand out from her other classmates


The sweatshirt itself is nice but what you pay in shipping is just crazy
It cost almost the same amount

Omega Bundle
Dane Anderson
Love it... one small issue but no showstopper

The bundle is fantastic. Once small issue with one of the sliders on the Krawler being broken. But that didn't stop me nor my grandson- we patched it up and 'drove on!'
Loving it. Hours of fun, activity and Exemplifying "I am Strong, I am Brave, I can do this!" :)

Balance Trainer
Dane Anderson
Love it!

Great for workout and or simply having some fun!

Balance Trainer
Kimberly Allen

Love it

KidStrong Adult Crewneck
Angelica Horsley
Super cozy and well made!

I got the family matching KidStrong sweaters and we love them! Will definitely be purchasing more merch!

KidStrong Krawler
Arlynda Buentello


Bumper Plates
Christy Lenahan
Great Quality

Not sure why I would expect anything less than great from KidStrong, but I was pleased to find that my order exceeded expectations and the items were exactly what we use in class. Thank you to the company for providing high quality equipment that is worth every penny spent.

S T-Shirt
Kellyanne Higgins

Great way to show spirit in class. Great fit and quality

My hubby loves it. It’s comfortable and fits just right for his long arms

S Black Adult Zip-Up Hoodie
Kellyanne Higgins

I like the fit and the quality of the fabric and print!

Slam Ball
Ana Lazarin
Would like more options

My son loves playing with this but I do wish I had the lighter options as 10 lbs can be pretty heavy for a 2 year old.

Thanks for the feedback! We've added the 6# option and are exploring additional lighter options as well.

Agility Steps
Ana Lazarin
Very slippery

I did not like them at all. Were not at all like the ones from Kidstrong. All the circles except one were slippery. I couldn't use it on the mat, nor carpet, and most definitely not hardwood floors. My kid just uses them to throw because I don't allow him to step on.

Love it!


Soft and warm, perfect way to show support for my kiddo!

Great for kids and parents!

The training wedge/plyo box has been great for our boys! They love running up and down the ramp and jumping off the box! Helps get energy out! Also great for parents as it can double as a weight bench or plyo box for your workouts!