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KidStrong Rings

This safe, high quality pair of wooden rings attaches securely to the KidStrong Door System and helps your hero build bravery, imagination, and strength! High quality, proprietary strap and carabiner system enables simple, yet precise adjustment of ring height. 

Designed and assembled in the USA.

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  • "The KidStrong Door System Rings enable a wide range of developmental objectives--by adjusting the length of the kid friendly strap system athletes can complete a range of push, pull, and swinging exercises strengthtening upperbody, core, while improving confidence and independence!"

    --Coach Pat

  • KidStrong Equipment is developed and selected with an intentional focus on accelerating achievement of Character, Physical, and Brain developmental milestones. This apparatus enables acceleration in:

    Character Development:

    • Independence
    • Growth Mindset

    Physical Development:

    • Strength & Power
    • Coordination

    Brain Development:

    • Life Skills
    • Focus
    • Problem Solving
  • KidStrong Equipment enables athletes to compete at home with apparatus' that are suitable for the residential space:

    • Product Dimensions:  60” x 10” x 1”
    • Product Weight:  10 lbs


    WARNING: To AVOID SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH, read, understand and follow all instructions and warnings.

    • For use by children 3+ yrs. with adult supervision at all times.
    • Strangulation, Entanglement, and Entrapment Hazard.  Before using, secure long hair, remove drawstrings, jewelry, loose clothing and any object that can catch around neck or other body part.
    • For use by one child at a time.  Weight limit is 150 lbs.  Do NOT permit use if damaged, unstable, or if there are loose or missing parts.
    • As with all physical activity, follow advice of child's medical professional.